CMNV Weekly Calendar, Including Life Groups

Here is a list of several weekly happenings at CMNV


We believe wholeheartedly in the redeeming power and effectiveness of prayer.

Meet with us in the bookstore each Monday at noon to cry out to God on behalf of our church, our family, our city, our nation, and our world.   


Men’s Life Group: Saturday’s

@9am, 106 Lilienthal Avenue, Dave Wagner @ 707.738.6740

Open Life Group at Asaro Home: Sunday’s @

6:30pm, 2419 Stonehouse Court, 707.738.1435

Life Group for 20 Somethings: Monday’s @

7pm, Bill Walden 2962 1st Street, 707.738.8565

Ladies Life Group: Monday’s @

7pm, Debbie Walden @ Wagner Home 106 Lilienthal Avenue. 707.738.6536

Ladies Life Group: Tuesday’s @

10am, Dianne Lene,1109 Mountain View Circle, 707.257.1121

Open Life Group at Kepplin Home: Tuesday’s

@7pm, 2450 Cabernet Street, 707.252.6183  

Married Couples Life Group &

Potluck: Friday’s@ 6-8pm, Please call for location, Matt & Wendy

Scott: 707.372.4090

If the right place for you isn't readily evident from this list, fill out the form below and we'll help you find the perfect Small Group.

CMNV youth ministry is a place created for junior high and high school students to learn to know God and further Him being known by others.

Every Wednesday, at 7 PM, our CMNV youth have their own special service. This is a chance for all of our students to come together for a great night of worship, teaching, and hanging out, so make sure your CMNV students are here for that special service.

On Sunday youth participate with the whole congregation for worship and fellowship, and then are dismissed to the youth room for their own Sunday service.